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I Heart IUD Enamel Pin

Jan 17, 2017

Inspired by my love for my IUD and the political atmosphere in this country, I illustrated an IUD inside a heart to make into an enamel pin. Since it turned out a...

What next?

Oct 17, 2016

Now that I finished drying out the second round of kombucha fabric, I’ve started thinking about what to make with it. I want to end up with a light display-what...

Kombucha Fabric Experiment: The Harvest

Aug 21, 2016

Here are some photos of the harvest from a few weeks ago. Fresh out of tea bath. The original round ones are still attached. Cleaning them off. Dropped them in...

Rails Project

Jul 29, 2016

For the rails assessment I built a simple project logging CMS. This is a tool for crafty people who have various types of projects to catalog. Users can select the materials involved in a...

Kombucha fabric experiment: day 19

Jul 11, 2016

I checked in on the kombucha growth today. It’s like opening a slimy present. It’s at about 1/4″ inch thickness now. I want to get it to about 1/2″ before I hose off...

Sinatra assessment

Apr 18, 2016

When thinking of ideas for the Sinatra assessment, I wanted to make something that I could help me out personally. The idea came to me while staring at shelves of records...

CLI Gem Lesson

Feb 23, 2016

This is my first ruby gem. It simply lists new DVD and streaming releases in a CLI with options to view more information about particular releases.  I had no previous exposure... | © 2019