Rails Project

For the rails assessment I built a simple project logging CMS. This is a tool for crafty people who have various types of projects to catalog. Users can select the materials involved in a project or add one if it’s not already listed.

I thought it needed an image uploader and decided on CarrierWave with most of its functionality disabled. I opted for CarrierWave over PaperClip because the documentation was thorough and be could scaled up.

I added Google sign in for the Omniauth requirement, which gave me a few headaches along the way. Google recently changed the design of their developer console, so it took me longer than it should have to find where to add the redirect uri. Once I got that added, Google OAuth2 threw a Faraday SSL error. Luckily, this is a well documented error  and I found a fix (I ended up disabling certificate verification for localhost).

Here is a clickthrough:

I would have liked to add a materials catalogue or projects comments to it but I’ve already spent a lot of time on rails. Although it’s been fun, I’m anxious to start the next section to continue on the full stack track. Over and out. 


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