Sinatra assessment

When thinking of ideas for the Sinatra assessment, I wanted to make something that I could help me out personally. The idea came to me while staring at shelves of records in my living room. I built a simple RESTful app to catalog a collection of stuff, in this case, records. It could be adapted to catalog pretty much anything. 

It’s sort of like a dumbed down version of the platform, that allows users to store, rate and list the records they own. They are also able to see what other users are adding, but only edit and delete their own music. Watch a walk-through.

Beyond the obvious RESTful routes and user authentication part of it, it was an exercise in UX patterns and what goes into building them. My limited skills prevented me from adding more features that, as a user, I’d seek out in a cataloging app. Eventually, I’d like to have it be adaptable for any sort of collection be it books, comics, Magic: the Gathering cards, you get the idea. Check it out on github.



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